High Fives / Attributions

This page is here to provide attribution for various items we may use on the show. We are very thankful for the images, music, and sound effects offered by artist around the world under Creative Commons License.

Countdown Effect: Contained Within Our Intro

License: Public Domain – http://soundbible.com/2049-Countdown.html

Intro Background Music

Song Title: Sound & Silence
Artist: Junglist Militia
License: Attribution Share Alike –http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…

Background Music For Shameless Promo 9/11/13

Eddie Lang
April Kisses
Written by Eddie Lang (1904 – 1933)
Performed by Ed Lang (guitar solo with piano)
Recording date: n/a
Cat Number: Okeh 40807
Duration: 03’06”
Other tags for this recording: guitar / instrumental / powerpoint / alleycat / Free-to-air / april kisseseddie / Okeh 40807 / downloaded / happy / L / ALL / like / 1 / NAC / WEB1 / -1′ / b /http://openmusicarchive.org/browse_tag.php?tag=instrumental /
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Gnome Image Featured in Shameless Promo


Ruler Image Featured in Shameless Promo


6 Cat Meows

Title: 6 Cat Meows
About: Cat male or female meowing 6 times in a row take your pick of cat meows and cut that one out for games or movies.
Uploaded: 01.12.11 | License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mr Smith



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